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Hi I’m Vanessa from speak English with Vanessa.com today you are going to meet one of my awesome English students in this video I’m going to talk with the students on Skype and we’re gonna talk about that students English experiences how they’ve learned English the things that have been useful or maybe some things that haven’t worked and I hope that you will learn a lot from other English learners experiences let’s get started. So happy that we can talk this is. Great Isabella. Hi nice to meet you yes nice to see you too so you are talking on Skype in English with Douglas just a moment ago. Yeah that’s awesome so even though both of you speaking the same native language appears you can speak English together. Yes there are many ways because they necessary yes yes it do you live close to Douglas which area do you live in. Okay no good leaving San Pablo there big CD and V. I believe in is all CD I guess far away too no good how I see. Yes. And the idea of these 30 it third thought 6000.

How can I save 300 300. 300 yes well I forget. K. M. kilometers. Do you live 300 kilometers from Douglas but you live in the same country amazing. It’s a mistake in the same state. Yes. I believe a little. Yeah I’d like to be you USA again hi it’s it seems like when you live in a big country. It’s it’s like going to another country when you go to another state because it’s so far away. Yes I you’re living close to that to your mother for example yes I live pretty close to my family but we live about 9:00 hours away from my husband’s family so for Christmas 9:00 hours to see them. In the car yes yes in the car. So it was a long day but it’s kind of exciting when you’re preparing eating and listening to audio books and singing. Yes things are your thing better I hope after this trip I had a lot of practice. If you have a lot of practice okay. On this trip we were staying alive and listen to a lot. I I’m feeling too because when I I I’m very talkative because I. aluminum ideas. In. Yeah what is it. Same thing right right.

Yeah I guess it is different it’s a different mindset because it’s not your native language so you want to be able to speak as easily as you can in Portuguese. Yes I. This. Sometimes I is the one that during the meeting please because I like all my gosh I won a green in the English because they are easy yet but I can’t. Then you’re doing so much already even just today we only just started talking but you already talked to Douglas today you’re speaking with me today and who knows what’s going to happen later today. You had some time is a I I mean interviews some companies in their route and in the middle of the. Then the external how how can I say the. After. What B. N. chill see. Do you in the late afternoon. Early in the afternoon sometimes some H. ieri there how a speaker the phone how can I say this all calls you called me and all my gardening is all my gosh oh my gosh hi how are you. Your brain needs to shift to pretty quickly into does need swift Siena oh my gosh he didn’t lose any I okay I’m the Val I’m from Rubio and soul and. That’s great so you’re having some job interviews in English I know in our Facebook group for the the fearless living like you mentioned you had it interview you’re writing a resume and cover letter yes I am for I he does crazy because them I eat I.

Are you willing to let how can I say I would shoot oh my gosh are you really really want to move it outside but move abroad. How okay abroad like move outside of Brazil or go to another country. Yeah exactly it’s outside Brock we could say I want to move abroad AT B. R. O. A. D. abroad move abroad okay I want to move abroad N. oh my but and sometimes I think I feel. Soul soul because my family my entire family lives here is that use them I love it yeah that makes a big difference you’d be away from everything that you know except for English yeah read and write okay because the I’m feels excited my head to bed and it’s it’s all I gotta say when Levon bear in mind when she was speaking English and German injured. It seems are you learning both at the same time we are at right all right and should they after the yes hang out my teacher K. M. Fromm come. To my house because I studied German and English. How cool so your brain is full of languages. Why can’t we can always locate that’s tough because you’re passionate. Yeah well I think my husband told me yeah I’d feel mark home and keep the focus because it show what was it so hard she simply taking a deep breath and calming down and trying to learn them but you’re excited so you want to be energetic.

I’m a positive person I guess like I really really broke. How many late was there you speak. Do it for me I of course I know my native language English and I learned some Spanish in school but you know about school classes it’s not always very efficient. So I know some Spanish mainly understanding but I stopped in high school or college but I also rents and no French and a little Korean because I lived in Korea but. It’s not enough hopefully I will learn more in the future and maybe Portuguese who knows. Yeah that’s pretty easy I guess. Problem yeah. All it’s it’s great and I don’t know how old how work is they they wouldn’t. Facebook group B. I. again I told Pete mugs and all I I’m saying no this is the purpose is specially because all the members who are part of that private Facebook group art like you passionate excited they want to use it so there is no problem if you post every day if you make a video every day it’s great this is the purpose for connecting with other people and just using English I know right.

Yeah right now all my gosh I I thought. A lot they know when it’s out in the group 3 I yes no my good for me. That is the best way because some people say oh I joined the chorus and I joined the group but what else can I do and the main thing is you’ve got to use it and participate so you’re doing that you’re participating that’s perfect. Okay are you fine because early in your you live last summer leaving under under a rock you’ll told it there is not cold. You are. Yes I have a cold you can see it’s a little red today. I didn’t see. Well I have some water and it will be okay just a couple days maybe it will get better I hope it will get better soon. All K. ET you. Heather add pecan medicine how can I say this did you take any medicine yes we do take it are no not yet I’m not sure we’ll see hopefully hopefully today is the final day but if it doesn’t get better than probably tomorrow it will be nice to breathe again. Yes it’s okay because they were normal yes I you’ll a fever no. No fever and my temperature was a little high 80 yesterday but today it’s no problem so it seems to be getting better okay are you quote in your code cool how can I say about the temperature the weather all easy cold where you live yes. It was in your. In my city or in my house even. What it. What’s the temperature like in your area.

Right now all I see is that 31. The grand all my god. Yes not 31 here but it’s not too cold but 31 and wow how do you feel. I’m view all right guys I did need I’d know I’d seen how can I say I just need to see these golden days recalled it’s it’s it’s also because I didn’t cry merit. Are you most in September congratulations our main hero and I in our honeymoon was in well sure why yeah Argentina okay so you went for your honeymoon. Yes it’s closed it’s closed show they own part 2 copies did last last CD. Cool so the temperatures different. Always also because there is that pain going by going. Yes. It’s. He then they mail it is not good. I get wild animals yeah but. They are to follow and I see the light on seo item the sea lion. Yes he already got. Yeah what a cool adventure. Yeah and then I see the party of the tracking yeah the the honeymoon adventure yes really that’s not sitting on the beach all week you really had an adventure. But it’s okay because I leave you with just like a kid the tracking the animals the the nature.

That’s perfect because you can have that experience together now and now that you’re married you’ll have plenty of other experiences together yeah are you are you have a key. Do I have any kids yes I have 3 cats. Yes they get the problem solved yes my cats are always Jumpin everywhere there. Yeah right law. The video and when you’re talking it’s just all. Yes there was a video I posted in our group but a couple weeks ago and my cat just jumped in the background. Yeah in your face. All 3 in the area because. You’re 30 my cat. It’s so normal not a big deal. I think you know. For you do you have any pets in your house yet. All no my my my mother and mother in law all have got a big a big gate dark. Zdummyz.. But in my apartment is chose mall when I read what I need said maybe that might add to my dog yeah maybe someday if you have a different place or you can visit your mom and see your pets. Yes are you leaving apartments are in the house. Live in an apartment so it’s not too good for dogs but for cats it’s okay. Okay they can I have my own alive yeah yeah they are perfectly fine. All thank you I I appreciate to talking with you it’s it’s nice because you are how can I stay in English the fluency in your. In your. All right. Yeah your call please so clearly so beautiful.

Well it’s my goal to make sure that it’s natural but also understandable so I’m glad you can hear me and I think it’s a big deal because some people watch like YouTube videos and they can understand it but when you have to understand it and then respond like you’re doing that’s a whole different things to your understanding and responding to graduations. I got my email yes there are and how can they say imitation like imitates you. You put it in their hair and I’m speaking with that great because you are cooler leads. All right well tell your sister I said hello and that’s a custom your sisters learning English too yes learning anything 0 and when you’re talking hi guys in speedos hi guys please. All. It’s so funny it’s just great that. Anywhere you can use that. It seems to seems mold she’s younger.

Hello this year hi my name is Zach how are you. She was born here video what is well that’s so great so you’re actually like a role model for her too because you introduced my videos or courses to her and she wants to be like you and learn English too yes even my mother she’s knowledge on how can I say when when the personal goal. Don’t can’t read. Because it’s the simple persone pool how can I say this only she didn’t learn how to read Portuguese yes he deserves dog because he is. Just seen Paul as she is now have an opportunity to. The girls always illiterate like she doesn’t know how to read or write yes. How can I say ill literate so literate means you can read it but illiterates the -1 illiterate ignorant yes even. See the endearing per ticket but I’m sure does your video and CD is. Able to chill out. What 02 jun 0 pan and states it does listen in good for her. You’re sharing with your whole family and I think. Yeah they put a near my TV. Yes. It’s fun because I went to my family can you speak in English because I when I travel I moved there she’s been there and so and you want her to feel comfortable so that’s your goal is to move abroad and live in an English speaking countries. Yes because my mother must be mended me sometime and then my mother in law all night my father my father a wall and in all the family and I put in the Saturday Saturday I guess. What into it and all that watching you with me.

That’s great so you’re really sharing your passion with your family how beautiful. But but in your mind is is no life because all my gosh these are no no Germantown. So they’re not as interested in learning German right now. No no definitely not. Well hopefully you’ll move to an English speaking country and they can use the English that they learned with you and with me yeah I hope so yes yes I’m curious. Final question it’s kind of a big question but I would ask you if you were giving advice to someone and they said Isabel I wanna learn English like you you’re talking with Vanessa you’re excited you don’t seem nervous how can I do that what advice you would give how can someone learn English yes I just said few cold football field don’t don’t don’t don’t care about because the the teacher beneath that it’s so nice you so kindly 8 and the watch to your YouTube last song open the side seat and all my gosh he just thought he does feel better and when she is. Yes does still leave how can I say this sure you already mentioned to you having like a positive attitude they don’t be nervous just have a positive attitude is that what you mean.

Yes. Read because you’ll you see your bill or if you don’t know the wart. You’re just. Try to expand should try to just say to J. S. 3. Because we we can. We can feel better we can feel more confident with you it’s it’s not easy that’s a beautiful idea just do it don’t wait just feel comfortable and yeah if you don’t know a word try to explain it in another way or use gestures and that’s so normal when you’re learning it’s not a big deal even I forget words sometimes all what’s that word and I have to explain it so that’s great advice. Yes because when you don’t know or don’t know they wart if you just try it’s important to try if you have. I missed it to make mistakes don’t worry it’s normal it is important to feed the back another person because if you don’t have the feedback you don’t you never know right is someone is it possible that someone can really understand me. That’s important hello. Yeah because you’ll already affluence your native English but me and another person involved and you feel the home is I don’t know the awards I tried I just tried.

Now are you with that. I’m not if you don’t worry. Yes I think this is something I noticed with the people like when I talked with Douglas or recently I talked with the run Nelly to that almost everyone says just do it just be nice to yourself and be positive and just try it and that’s such a difficult things sometimes just to get over fear but you’re doing it so congratulations thank you yeah this is it this is a crazy just go it to death there are I guess the Brazilian guy in this whole is this normal like badly. The positive that they all right guys so we have it how can I state the resilient guys have. Based. Patients interesting that’s important to you have to be patient with yourself. Yes. Easy you’ll are in another country mark quiet team are. Your friends with me for example dari even that because. You see in your wallet our fast like me. There are we just do it does call Kenya’s rights you just. Try to always speak yards explained you mean you were sold they they they think kids are. Or does the drought in your in your books whatever you know. Yeah. This call okay must be go on yes keep talking and like you said be nice to yourself if you make mistakes it’s okay just keep going in and find someone nice to talk with the you’re talking with Douglas and today you’re talking with me later you’re going to talk with your German teacher you are following your own advice.

Yes I can be because when I just right. It’s I. N. after. All rights it is the right sentence I just remember to grab our the practice but when I talk it’s completely different in that manner. I can’t remember to Graham are all how can they say no and I can in my all my gosh you ladies don’t okay yeah there’s not as much time to think when you’re speaking so it needs to be just as natural as possible just say whatever you can and and it’ll be okay it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake yes you are another advice more advice than this will always my first advice is just do it and you already said that. Yes I think something useful also is. Finding other people who were doing the same thing so that you’re not alone like you talked with Douglas today you’re not learning English by yourself at home you’re with this online community that’s really encouraging so that you’ll be more motivated. Yes. It’s a great the device say yet because if you’ll have a lower all week is not possible. Grow up in you have a community like you. P. O. it also yes so have a community I’m so glad that you’re part of our community and for anyone if it’s the fearless fluency club great if it’s not if it’s something else just be with other people that’s really important. Yes that’s it yes I’m so happy to meet you today is a bell I hope it will not be the last time we can meet again in the future yes I hope.

I didn’t see you every day in our Facebook group I will be there in the lead in the live last saw him in the new tool would be no worry we see it as soon as possible yes certainly I will see you there and have a beautiful 2017 it’s starting now also you can do it. Yes happy new year to you thank you happy new year to you and please tell your whole family I guess they know me tell you I said hello. I I just said all my guys minutes this thing hello everyone here. Yes I say hello to all of them and thanks for sharing your passion of English with your family with me and I’m sure so many people will just be motivated to hear your passion so thank you. Your. Yes see you later Isabella. Thanks so much for watching this testimonial video with one of my English students this is a great way to know which methods work and which methods don’t work I hope in this video you realized that natural learning is the best method that has worked for each of my students and for myself as well if you’d like to continue to learn English with me like in the students you can click on the I. up here in the top corner or in the description below where you can download my free ebook and start to learn with me today don’t wait I’ll see you there bye.

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