Seizing the Windows Operating System Admin

Then you just type “1” and enter, data will appear from your Windows XP account (you know !!!)

Then, just type the user account that will be uprooted ;-) and press enter. For this case I will type Clear_Screen (this is the account that will be worked on). This PNH will work and then display data from the user account named Clear_Screen.

For now, you are told to type * (star / asterisk) to blank the password. If you type * and press enter, a statement appears that the password blanking process is being performed. Then a warning will appear that do you really want to replace it? Answer “y” followed by pressing enter!

After the above process, then you will get a message like the display below.

Please type “!” (Exclamation point) followed by enter, and you will be taken back to the initial menu display, that is.

Then, type “q” (quit), which will produce information that there are some changes, as shown in the image below.

After that statement, you will be taken to step four (Step FOUR).

Will be asked again if you really want to make changes, and write it back? , please type “y” and press enter, the process will run and display the writing sam, then if everything goes smoothly, then you will get a message saying the editing process has finished, as shown below.

For now, you have entered the last step, a prompt display will appear #_, to run the program again please type sh / scripts /, while to exit press CTRL + ALT + DEL, and the reboot process will take place. For now just press CTRL + ALT + DEL, and reboot.

Now try to enter your Windows XP and select the user account that you have worked on earlier (for this case I use an account with the name Clear_screen), without typing any password you can now of course be able to enter the desktop, of course with the administrator level (wuihhh) and do what do you want to do he he he.

The following is the appearance of the Clear_Screen account on my computer after playing with this PNH.

Before being changed, the computer is still password protected

Tadaaa … The password has been lost

NOTE: To get this PNH-Boot program, you can visit the manufacturer’s website at the address As of this writing, I am using PNH software version 18August2004 (040818), while the last one is on its website which is version 09April2007 (070409). Everything is basically the same, the last special already supports Vista and bootable USB.

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