OverClock NVIDIA VGA Card with RivaTuner

The gymers mostly use Windows XP as the Operating System platform for gaming but what if we have a lackluster VGA Card? The money is already tight to buy a new VGA card that is more powerful then what’s the solution? OverClock VGA Card!

Many gymers have difficulty getting information on how to overclock the VGA Card, calm down, the author will reveal it for you! That it’s so easy to overclock a NVIDIA VGA Card with RivaTuner and get ready to get a more stable and satisfied game even though sometimes it’s not always like that ? .

The author here will overclock the VGA Card which is quite old, namely NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200 32 Mb, so it is quite old but for playing 3D games that are not too heavy like ItalianJob, WillRock and others running very smooth alias through hehe, especially after Crazy Taxi 1024x768 resolution still passing ? .

First provide 2 programs before starting, namely PC Wizard 2006 to check GPU Frequency and GPU Frequency Memory on your VGA Card. For OverClock, of course you can use RivaTuner, actually there are many tools to overclock VGA but the author chose RivaTuner because this tool has complete features.

Oh yeah, before using RivaTuner, if there is a VGA overclock tool running on the PC, first delete the other VGA Card overclock tool that you have because there can be conflicts between the tools and it’s been a natural writer so that it can finally make the NVIDIA detonator disappear, but don’t worry too much about it is precisely with the loss of the NVIDIA detonator that the CRC 2005 game can work ? .

Now consider the image below:

The GeForce2 MX 100/200 32 Mb has GPU Frequency: 175 MHz and Memory Frequency GPU: 334.09 MHz which is what we will increase later to become higher speed.

This is the appearance of the RuvaTuner program for changing the Core Clock and Memory Clock features, first check the “Enable Low-Level hardware-overclocking.”

Click Detect in the menu options and see a view like the following:

Uhui, VGA overclock is ready to do coy, we just need to pull the Core Clock and Memory Clock to the right of the blue line, after that we click the Test option.

After clicking the test there is a process and after the Test is successful then check the Apply overclocking at Windows Startup then select Apply or Ok.

Now we are back with the PC Wizard 2006 program then Wow! Currently GPU Frequency: 219.98 MHz and GPU Frequency Memory: 422.38 MHz, if you want more details in testing, you can use Bencmark in PC Wizard 2006, below the test results table.

Before being overclocked

After being overclocked

GPU Frequency : 175 MHz

GPU Frequency : 219.98 MHz

Memory Frequency GPU : 334.09 MHz

Memory Frequency GPU : 422.38 MHz

Congratulations to overclock, be careful in overclocking, all damage to the computer both software and hardware because this article is not the responsibility of the author.


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