Living Under A Rock

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Thanks everyone for joining me here live from Kazakhstan from Brazil hello for the first time good very well come from Vietnam thank Y. — Dominican Republic while we are such an international community it’s awesome and today we’re going to be talking about it cool EDM that was a recommended to me by 8 YouTube watchers. He recommended it talking about some EDM especially this one that might be confusing to people who aren’t familiar with it and it’s really important if. If someone says an ATM to you you want to understand exactly what they’re talking about maybe you don’t need to use it all the time but if someone says it to you you need to be able to quickly understand what they mean because if you miss understand them there could be some confusion maybe some problems if you’re at work it could be even bigger problems so I want to help you understand especially this ATM today and maybe in the future if this lesson about EDM is useful for you maybe in the future we’ll talk about other idioms too.

bundet.comThank you everyone for that have a happy new year’s wishes I appreciate it. From Thailand new year’s wishes great from Syria from Costa Rica Allison from Brazil thank you from Mongolia well the new year to everyone. So today we’re gonna be talking about the EDM. Under a rock so I would give you a little a little quiz a little test. If I said to you. What have you been doing have you been living under a rock. What do you think that means if I said that to you in a conversation what do you mean have you been living under a rock. What do you think that this might mean. What do you think. Your hand under rock maybe means having responsibility. Hey just says Vanessa rocks well I hope that this lesson will rack for you. What do you think it means when someone says.

Have you been living under a rock have you been living under a rock well it’s similar route Ricardo says have you been living in a cave he. Shonda has a great idea he says that means I guess you don’t know what’s going on out there. Yes this is exactly it John you’re the winner. It means you don’t know what’s going on something that is. Understood by everyone so let me give you a quick example and I’m gonna write it. On my notebook and just so you can see how it’s written or on my clipboard and there are a lot of ways to use this the way that I just used it. Is probably the most common if you say something to someone like. It’s 2017 and they say what it’s 2017.

Everyone should know that it’s 2017 already it’s not a surprise it’s not a mystery it’s everywhere everyone should know it’s 2017 so if someone says what it’s 2017 already. You might say. Been living under a rock so we could use it as a question. And to be polite make sure that you have a smile on your face. Been living under a rock kind of a joke have you been. Levien. Under a rock. So this is our first day we could just use it as a question but to date to practice with you I would use this in a full sentence so let’s talk about some vents that happened. In. 2016 that everyone knows about maybe everyone in your country or everyone in the world. We could say on what’s something that happened last year that everyone knows about. Well. In the U. S. it’s it was a pretty big deal that some famous people died so some famous people died last year a lot of famous people actually died last year so the most recent is does Star Wars hero Carrie Fisher she played princess Leia who had the hair like this. So we might say. If. You. I don’t know. Let’s give an example here that’s. Carrie Fisher died. You. You might be. Living in. Under. All right and this is something that’s. That is for specifically American culture because.

Excuse me maybe in your culture Star Wars is not important maybe you don’t follow celebrity news it’s okay so. In the U. S. if you don’t know that Carrie Fisher died you might be living under a rock it’s something that everyone’s talking about it all over the internet it’s probably all over TV I don’t have a TV so I don’t know but I’m sure it’s over TV it’s certainly all over the internet so we could use this to talk about events that are really common everyone should know about we’ve got some great examples coming in thank you for sharing these. So everyone says I. I had been living under a rock well George Michael died so he died and you didn’t know and then you found out later. Interesting way to use this so you feel like I should have known but I was not aware of things happening so I was living under a rock when he died okay. Dennis has a great. A concise example he says. I just messed it up here is living under a rock means a person doesn’t know anything outside even the name of his president for example. Yes so maybe you could add here if you don’t know that Donald Trump is the U. S. president you are definitely living under a rock. And I think that’s probably worldwide it’s news everywhere so you should know that it’s everywhere it’s in the news so you’re probably living under a rock.

That’s a great way to say now says influences I don’t know who the new president of the United States is one would probably say you have been living under a rock beautiful. Yes in fact I think I’m going to take a drink of water I’ve been getting over a cold for a couple days Dan to we got sick at the same time so I need some water. What. What but thankfully. For Christmas my mother in law bought everyone in our families these cool. Water bottles that have our names on them. Pretty cool so thanks to her I have some water. Betty has a beautiful sentence and let’s use this idea to talk about some other things to bed he says my boss has been living under a rock he still uses a typewriter to fill out some forms. I used to have a professor like this he never typed anything he always hand wrote everything in and then use the copier to give it to his students but his handwriting was so hard to read so you could definitely use this Betty my boss is living under a rock he thinks that type writers are the newest technology. We should use a computer but he’s still using a typewriter excellent method great.

Manual says when a person doesn’t know about recent news culture or entertainment that’s extremely well known we could say that they’re living under a rock yes so what are some things that are extremely well known like diesel says if you don’t know that Morocco is located in the north of Africa you might be living under a rock yes. Or you might have missed that day in school where you studied about its are you might have never looked at a map. Which means that you’re probably living under a rock so you should know those basic things you might be living under a rock. I think that is a great way to use this. Let me read I missed that one up here I want to make sure that I’ve said this all. He’s talking about 8 in Brazil there was a really. Tragic plane crash with a a soccer team or football team. And. I he says. But he or you or somebody you must have been living under a rock for not knowing anything about the plane accidents so if you’re talking with someone and you mention that.

Last year I think it was December maybe November there was a really bad plane accident and you say aha it’s such a shame that that happened I can’t believe it and the person you’re talking to says what plane accident what plane crash. This was huge news especially in Brazil but I’m sure worldwide to. You could say what have you been living under a rock this was a huge news everyone should know about it. So this is something that is common for a lot of people. Yes Bruno has a great concise idea to. That people don’t know about things that are happening around them. We. Miss some things but big events usually you hear about. Excuse me even for me I don’t have a TV but I still know about things going on around me because of the internet I don’t need a TV with the internet that’s all I need. If you. If you don’t know Vanessa you might be living under a rock. Well if you’re living under a rock and you haven’t joined our live lessons come out from under the rock and join us you can do it.

Okay if you don’t know that there’s a war in Syria you might be living under a rock that is certainly true it’s everywhere it’s in the news it’s. Everywhere that you probably know that there’s a war so you might be living under a rock. If some if someone is an English learner and doesn’t know about Vanessa’s YouTube channel he may be living under a rock. Well lots of comments like that well thank you. Lewis says you didn’t know that Donald Trump had won the election you must be living under a rock. Great way to say this because this is the most typical in the conversation you’re using it as an exclamation like. You must be living under a rock where have you been what’s going. So you’re using that to kind of a.

Show the other person that they should know this why don’t they know this you should know this. So maybe for me because I have a cough as you can tell as our throats my nose is exploding it’s okay. You might say to me but I didn’t know that when you have a cold you should stay in bed you should sleep have you been living under a rock don’t work too hard relax this is great you’re trying to give me advice that I should know but maybe I’m not using. That is excellent. Now this is my next question Paul S. as in Italy we say you’re living under the clouds so I want to know. In your country do you have an expression similar to living under a rock apparently in Italian you can say you’re living under the clouds. But in our in your country what would you say instead of living under a rock.

I am I’m curious in your country what it would be I think that the person who recommended this lesson today is German I forget the exact expression in German that he used if you are German then. Let me know what do you say in Germany or if you have something like this. You are let us know what you might say. I would welcome it says if you have been joined by this is fearless fluency club please join otherwise you will be living under a rock. Well if you would like to join the P. O.’s fluency club you’re always welcome it’s our wonderful community where we learned together every day you can go to speak English with slash fluency and join our community. In this case in Brazil we ask if you’ve been living on another planet. Okay another planets in Mexico we say living under the stars or living in the movement.

Who. These are all kind of a. Out in space type of things in in Hungary we say living under a bubble I would we call somebody doesn’t know it living in. I missed your comment it went by. It’s a living behind the mountain these are really creative so in English you have living under a rock for you. Maybe in French does access your living behind the moon. Living behind the world in Korea and interesting Columbia what world are you living in the in the Ukraine get out of the cave. These are so creative. So. In German your living behind the moon. So we’ve got lots of far away ideas the moon this the cloud the cave the mountains in English just under a rock usually this means you’re isolated. You don’t know anything your hidden from the world. End you might actually see this in fact I use this I don’t use this every day when the situation comes up I use this but I saw this in a comic. The other day because it’s it was the end of the year so the comic showed. Someone coming from underneath the rock. And asking someone what happened in 2016 did I miss anything. And that other person said nah you didn’t miss anything but the idea is there hidden under a rock they don’t know anything so if you see this kind of image with the rock and someone underneath or someone coming out of the rock now you know this implies that.

They don’t know about current events they’re hitting very interesting so I hope that this idiom is useful to you and if you watch English TV shows or movies I’m sure that you will hear this expression and I hope in your conversations if you use this make sure you use it with a smile because. If you say it to someone like why are you living under a rock really serious. Maybe it’s a little rude because they don’t know all okay maybe you think they should know but. It’s okay they don’t know you can tell them. The news or whatever it is that they should know so make sure you say it joking with a smile. Living under a rock of course this happens. So make sure you say with a smile or you can use it to talk about someone else like Betty used earlier with her boss he uses a typewriter he’s living under a rock what’s he doing. So you can use it to talk about someone else. Our final. Sentence from err mud says those who don’t know how to use the internet in this century are living under a rock well will you all here are certainly not living under a rock because you figured out how to join you too how to join the live lesson and.

How to participate in right comments so I hope that. For you you are not completely living under a rock sometimes we wish we were so that we could stay away from news or other things. But I hope that for you. You can. Really enjoy. Live lessons and participate in online because you are not living under a rock. Well thank you everyone for joining me today for this live lesson and I hope you can join me again on Tuesday next week at 9:00 AM EST hopefully next week I won’t be coffee and I hope it’s not too loud for you I tried to cost. Away from the microphone will see good news is that because it’s the internet you can’t get sick. Because you won’t get my germs that’s great. So I hope that for you. 2017 it started. Easily smoothly and hopefully for you it’s only been 3 days today is January 3 so I hope that your 2017 it continues to be great let’s continue to learn English together and if you want to continue right now even though this lesson is finishing you’re welcome to download the end of the year gift even though it’s the beginning of the year.

You can download the top 3 tips guide so that you can really have a lot of ideas about what you can do next to improve your English printed I’ll put it on the wall put it in your bag put its 1000000 copies all over the wall so that you won’t ever forget. This is your guide to help you always have new ideas because sometimes we need new things to do maybe they can become your new year’s resolutions. Thank you everyone for joining me today thank you for your kind wishes about my health. It’s not too serious but just a little annoying just a cold so hopefully it will get better soon. I have a beautiful day I’ll see you again the next time bye everyone thanks for joining me.

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