Hello. Welcome to today’s live YouTube lesson here on the speak English with Vanessa YouTube channel if you’d like to join me live for these lessons we have a lot of lessons every Tuesday at 9:00 AM eastern time that’s a New York time Tuesday 9:00 AM which is what time it is right now as I’m talking live so thank you everyone for participating joining me the purpose of life lessons is to give you some feedback it’s great to watch YouTube videos I have over 200 videos you can watch but these life lessons are great because we can in our act together and you can get some feedback so if you can’t join live. Feel free to watch the replay I will be reading some some people’s comments and those of you who are here live I’ll be reading your comments and trying to give you some ideas about how to make your sentence is as natural as possible. Welcome sky welcome home it’s Ron thanks for joining me coming from Turkey I am from Indonesia you guys are awesome.

Yeah we got a really different said hello hello today we have a requested topic one of the the members from the fearless fluency club requested to talk about the expression instead of and really we use this all the time so I want to help you use this in the way that we use it the most often so you’re gonna have a chance to write sentences repeat it I’ll give you some variations so that you can say it how you feel best and if this lesson is useful to you and you want to continue learning English with me feel free to download my free ebook which is linked in the description below this video 5 steps to becoming a confident English speaker I want to help you become confident. Fluency will come only after confidence so let’s practice confidence using instead of today instead of. Let’s start with a basic question I would you know what is something you don’t like doing what is something that. You would rather do almost anything else what is something you don’t like doing. And I will use one of these examples as we practice instead of all right here on my trusty clipboard.

What is something that you’re not really not really a big fan of something that you don’t like. All right do yon says I don’t like doing exercises okay. I think a lot of people probably feel similarly especially at the beginning of the year. I was going to the dentist I don’t like going to the dentist yeah for me I don’t. I don’t like. I always talk about the dishes but I’m not a big fan of doing the dishes it’s okay but it’s not my favorite activity I would rather do. A lot of other things. Also I don’t like studying math all she does is I don’t like taking an examination. Okay I don’t like doing the dishes I don’t like studying lots of things I don’t like winter. I don’t like waking up early I’m not a big fan of cleaning the house I don’t like to do housework all I see so we’ve got a lot of things that people don’t like doing let’s keep these in mind let’s start with. Let’s start with a simple word how about Julian agrees with me cleaning cleaning is something that may be. You would rather watch a movie you’d rather spend time with friends you’d rather do a lot of things instead of instead of cleaning it so let me write our first sentence structure here and I want to hear your opinions. All right let’s say. Sh sh sh sh sh sh instead because we don’t like cleaning instead of. Cleaning you can. Put anything here instead of studying math instead of waking up early instead of cleaning. I. Rather. The. Speaking of great.

So let me give you a little hint here we’ve got this word. Is. What. What all right so here we have our first sample sentence with instead of. Instead of something instead of cleaning I’d rather speak English instead of waking up early I’d rather sleep so for you I wanna know instead of cleaning or you could change this if you want instead of cleaning what would you like to do what would you like to do in stat so we could also say instead of cleaning I’d like to I’d like to speak English great great. We’ve got a choice here this is going to get a look complicated I should have given some more space I’d like to. Speak English so you’ve got. Pretty much endless choices these are just 2 choices. Carlos says instead of washing the dishes I’d rather play the piano excellent. Just watching video lectures I’d rather attend the lectures by myself and that’s kind of what I was mentioning about these life lessons instead of just watching the videos if you’d rather participate in joint live yourself greets. Charles is instead of doing housework I’d rather sleep.

Though he says instead of learning friends I’d rather study English okay. Douglas is watching TV I’d rather watch the nesses videos from the fearless political wow that’s a high compliment. So I want to give you a quick little tip about the verb tenses the tenses that we’re using so what we need to use. I N. G. here and then here do you notice there’s no I. N. G. we have just the regular vert so we need to make sure for instead of like Julio says instead of learning math learning beautiful. Is it of learning math. Hi he says. I missed your comment instead of learning math let’s say something instead of learning math I like to learn English great the first one has an I. N. G. the second one doesn’t. Studying English grammar I’d rather listen to English beautiful runners instead of cooking dinner I’d like to read a story okay let’s take this. Twisted around a little bit move it around a little bit. Can we. Let’s let the 2 parts of the Senate so the first part is instead of cleaning and the second part is I’d rather speak English let’s just put this second part first all right great. Rather.

The study. It was running out of space I’d rather study English. Instead. Of. We need. So we have the same the same sentence but we just. Switched it no problem this is excellent native speakers use both of these all the time so if I suggested to you. Sure would you like to clean the house this afternoon he could say to me I’d rather do anything that. Instead of cleaning the house I’d rather go to the dentist instead of cleaning the house notice that we have the same verb tenses here we have I. N. G. here we have I. N. G. and then here we don’t just study so we can follow up this sentence as well. I’d rather dance instead of sleeping in you’ve got lots of energy excellent. J. as I’d rather watch movies instead of reading books I’d rather watch movies instead of reading books so I hope with all of these examples you can kind of get an idea of when we use instead of instead of is gonna be closest to the thing that you don’t like to do the thing like cleaning or. Waking up early. All great John Jackson I’d rather make my own croissants instead of buying them and I’d rather eat your homemade croissants than almost anything else probably I bet they’re amazing. So for you. This is something that you would rather deal. And like I said we could change this part instead of cleaning I’d like to speak English. If we are speaking let’s take this up to the next level. If you’re speaking to someone these are good for speaking or writing but if you’re only speaking maybe I give a suggestion like.

Hi Jerry says I’d rather walk instead of running so if I said to cherry. Let’s let’s run this afternoon I want to get some exercise let’s run. Sure you could say give me a C. he’s giving me a suggestion. But. Instead. Running. How about. This is gonna be a question. Well we walk. Running how about we walk this is a suggestion kind of question instead of running it how about we walk really polite but we don’t use this when we’re writing because usually we’re not well maybe if you’re writing a text message to someone directly but if you’re writing an email or a paper this is. Conversational so I recommend that you use this. When you’re talking directly to someone so let’s underline again those are lovely verbs here. Right I mean. And walk. Look. We have a question about this, this call may here I added a, and yes we need to add this comment if you’re writing especially writing a formal paper make sure you add that if you’re speaking don’t worry about it’s. But I want to see if you can come up with some ideas for using how about how about let’s have a suggestion. Going to the dentist it’s something that not many people like in fact Dan my husband went to the dentist yesterday. And. He was not looking forward to it. So for him. She. Might try to suggest instead of going to the dentist. That’s I brush my teeth. Times a day.

He’s trying to avoid going to the dentist. Lovely ideas on Jack instead of going to roam about we visit Vanessa. Well my city is not quite road but it would be amazing if you visit it instead of going to Rome how about we visits. I believe. Let’s eat something sweet to Maggie says instead of cleaning how about we cook something sweet cool yes maybe like some some bread or some pastries lovely look as a low look it says instead of studying English out how about we have classes with Vanessa then you can sit in your house sit on your bed. You can play with your animals while you’re studying beautiful beautiful ideas. Constantine has a healthy idea instead of sitting home all day and eating chocolate it sounds fun though how about we work out.

Probably should instead of sitting home all day and eating chocolate how about we work out. It would be nice yes. Sean says instead of providing only online courses about you set up your own English school Vanessa well wouldn’t that be exciting and you could travel from everywhere and come visit the national finances English school. Where should I have it. Maybe close to you since you suggested it. I’ll instead Roberta says instead of going to the doctor how about we eat healthy foods yes invention prevention is important. I think there’s a proverb or EDM maybe more like a proverb that we use about this idea pre event dean sickness we say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so for example yesterday Dan had to go to the dentist and get a cavity filled between his teeth I’m sure it was not fun for him but if he had not eating so much chocolate maybe if he had brushed his teeth the more he could have prevented it so instead of going to the dentist he could have brushed his teeth more I’m not sure exactly I’m not a dentist but instead of that problem he could have tried to fix it and it would have saved him a lot of trouble. Angelus is instead of having a bad time with English how about we learn with Vanessa let’s do it you’re here now success. So I hope that this expression today is is useful to you and it’s something that you hear a lot native speakers use this all the time I’m sure that in your native language you use instead of.

All the time because we want to give other options instead of this how about this instead of this I’d rather do this so you want to always offer other suggestions that’s part of the conversation part of communication so let’s try to use this as much as possible and before we go let’s say one sentence together a beautiful sets I want to give you a chance to. Use your pronunciation muscles and speak out loud if you’re somewhere quiet somewhere private you have no excuse speak out loud with me if you’re on the bus or. Somewhere more public at work maybe. You can say it quietly it’s okay and then later shout it loud. So let’s try to say a sentence using instead of together let’s start with one of these first ones let’s just say one of the first sentences like this. How about. Instead of. Sleepin I’d rather. Study English yes instead of sleeping I’d rather study English there’s so many interesting materials online in the world instead of sleeping I’d rather study English instead of sleeping I’d rather study English use your pronunciation muscles and say it out loud. Instead of. Slowly.

I rather study English hero Yuki you got it yes. Instead of sleeping I’d rather study English maybe this means that you wake up a little bit early so that you can download a podcast and listen to it while you’re on the way to work or maybe this means that instead of going to bed at. 10:00 or 11:00 you can’t wait to finish watching that English movie it’s so interesting so you stay awake until midnight instead of sleeping I’d rather study English there’s a world of possibilities out there excellent G. I. G. S. as instead of sleeping I’d rather study English great well I hope for you you can sleep and study English but thank you so much for joining me it’s been great to help you use this commonly used expression instead of instead of with a lot of examples so make sure that you watch this lesson again if you have any questions about how to use instead of. Make sure you follow some of these verb rules and ideas you can use the variations and the next time you speak English use this and also listen for it when other people are speaking I’m sure now that we’ve talked about it repeated it a lot together you’ll be more aware when you hear this in podcast and YouTube videos TV shows you’ll hear this expression more often and you will be able to understand the sentence structure more easily that’s the goal at least well if this lesson was useful for you. Instead of. Closing your computer.

You can download my free ebook 5 steps to becoming a confident English speaker I would love to continue to help you learn English instead of I’m trying to think of a lot of instead of sentences here instead of just watching live lessons. Use. What you’re learning learn how to use it to become competent how to use it to improve your speaking the link for the. Free ebook is in the description below this video and at the end of this lesson it will be on the screen here so thank you everyone for joining me I’d love to help you continue to learn English instead of just being your YouTube teacher I’d love to help you with email lessons and Facebook lessons and video lessons as much as possible it’s my goal. Thank you everyone have a beautiful day I’ll see you again next Tuesday at 9:00 AM eastern time see you later bye.

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