Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Cartoon Book

Hey guys what’s up and this is where we’re going to make a like a book or a DVD kind of case thing I’m starting out with the perspective grid right here and you can kind of mess with these little dials to get it to the size you want.

What I’m gonna do is make this side. Are a lot smaller so it’s in that perspective and the book. Right here is gonna be a lot longer that’s a little too long so. I don’t like the angle this is armed. It needs to be a little are. Different. And I’m not certain how to just flat.

bundet.comWell anyways let’s just make a square. On the grid. Okay there’s a square there and how about one for. Wrong side. This site. Okay. That’s part only to the grid. That’s a pretty lousy looking shape. So what I’m gonna do is hide the grand view. Respective Kerr read hide great. So yeah this funky looking shape and I’m gonna grab these 2 points here. And I’m just gonna shift click to move it down. Say about their looks good.

Yeah about their. So now we got the shape of a little box here. And I’m just gonna make it I guess this will be a book deal gradient on it. Read. Book. And click I to get the eye dropper tool and hold controlling click. Make sure you have this box selected okay. Let’s just fix the gradient on these so if the lights coming from our on to the front cover that’ll be the brightest. I kinda like it with the the card the bright color at the top. A little more. Okay and then this will be darker.

How do we get that okay that’s good enough I’m gonna take off these borders. So it doesn’t look so funny. And I guess let’s add a little edge borders along here. I’m just going to the way off the top of my head that I’m comfortable with I’m just going to hold alt and drag this down. Actually I’ll grab both of these and drag them down and then I’ll grab both of those and drag him up. And all I grab the pathfinder I think that shift. No I forgot the hockey. Window pathfinder in hands of track. And subtract.

Okay and I’ll do the same thing for the top. Tracked. And I’m gonna make these a gold color so. What happened in there pop that in there. And dark tonight out. And I’ll do the same thing for. Cool. Dragnet there. And track that there K.. It looks like this would come out bubble out a little bit if unless you want a perfect square so I’m going to do a walk on that probably bald sh. Put these back to 0. Yeah I kinda like it like that so just delete that hopes object expand I believe these things up here. And. I think I’ll do the same thing progress.

Just to make it a little more interesting. Okay so this will be our block. Spanned appearance and once more. I’ll just do this again. Correct these are. Subtract. Some track I’m not gonna worry about those lines. I don’t wanna waste too much your time. Answer tracked. Some track and this will be cold like we had before. All the strap orangish color on here. And also applied that one down.

Actually the darker color should be the one on the last. Okay. This movie is up. Will move these down. And that is actually kind of neat looking. Are there good put a little title on it. I should say my book aren’t. And this has to be. I’m not the angle that this is that perspective. So I’d probably first pick a better font on this. What’s something interesting. Yes see jester actually since I’m gonna distribute this file I’m just going to do times new Roman. Okay and R. make that a little bigger. And I’m gonna do object to expand. And with his all dials here once again. And what we’re gonna want to do is our. Transformer. What’s. Get used to the wrong hot keys of the free transform tool.

For my dog. It’s not let me select. The the way I want to do it so I guess I’ll just do a warp. And art. Yes we did do it like that my book and you see if you played around with that a little better right. Show up correctly while the sorry got 7 minutes long all right I’ll say this file and upload thanks for watching.

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